The decoration of over 250 new build plots for Countryside Properties. The site just opposite Bluewater in Kent has a mixture of houses and flats.

The project was fast-paced, with schedules constantly changing. Despite these challenges, our team was able to adapt quickly and efficiently, ensuring that each property was decorated to the highest standard. Our extensive experience in the industry, coupled with our commitment to excellence, allowed us to navigate the complexities of the project successfully.

We understood that each property was not just a building, but a future home for someone, and we were committed to making it as welcoming and comfortable as possible.

The project was a testament to our ability to work under pressure and adapt to changing circumstances. Despite the fast-moving nature of the project and the constant changes in schedules, we were able to deliver high-quality results on time. Our team worked tirelessly, often working through the night and over weekends to ensure that the project stayed on track.