We have established strong partnerships with some of the leading paint manufacturers in the industry. These partnerships allow us to access a wide range of high-quality paints and wall papers that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether it's a specific colour, finish, or durability requirement, our partnerships enable us to find the perfect paint for every project.

We believe in the power of partnerships. Our relationships with our paint suppliers are more than just business transactions; they are strategic alliances that enable us to deliver superior quality products and services to our clients.

Our paint suppliers are committed to innovation and sustainability, just like us. They continually invest in research and development to create paints that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly. This aligns with our commitment to sustainability and our goal to minimise the environmental impact of our projects.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure a seamless supply chain. Regular communication and collaboration enable us to anticipate and manage potential disruptions, ensuring that we always have the necessary paint supplies on hand to meet project timelines.

Our partnerships also provide us with valuable insights into the latest trends and advancements in the paint industry. This knowledge allows us to advise our clients on the best paint options for their projects, ensuring that the end result is not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.

At Prism Interiors, our manufacturer partnerships are a key component of our success. They enable us to deliver the exceptional quality and service that our clients have come to expect from us.

 - We are Dulux connect partners

 - We are Crown Trade partners

 - We are Johnstone's / PPG Paints suppliers