Redecorating Maida Vale Library

Redecorating a historical and beloved space like the Maida Vale Library in Westminster, London, required meticulous planning and thoughtful execution. Our primary goal was to rejuvenate the library while minimising disruption to its daily operations and ensuring that all stakeholders remained informed and involved throughout the process.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging with stakeholders was a cornerstone of our approach. We conducted several meetings with library staff to gather input and feedback.

Minimizing Disruption

Understanding the importance of the library's role in the community, we developed a strategic plan to minimise disruption:

1. Phased Redecoration: We divided the project into phases, focusing on different sections of the library at different times. This allowed us to keep significant portions of the library open and functional.
2. After-Hours Work: Whenever possible, we scheduled noisy and disruptive tasks outside of regular operating hours. This approach significantly reduced inconvenience to library users.

The Transformation

The redecoration process breathed new life into Maida Vale Library. Key highlights include:

- Fresh Color Palette: We introduced a new color palette that brightened the space while maintaining a calm and inviting atmosphere.